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There are 2 price options for your Bottle Billboards:

Option 1: Full Service Bottle Billboards!
Your custom Bottle Billboard label is designed with your logo, pictures, message and ideas. We then purchase locally sold water bottles, label them, and deliver them to you in The Woodlands or Spring area. Cost per case of 24 16.9 oz flat cap bottles is $25.00

Option 2: Post your own Bills!!
We custom design and print your Bottle Billboard labels and mail them to you to label your own water bottles. Cost of labels for a case of 24 16.9 oz bottles is $15.00

With either option there is a minimum order of 1 case.

All Bottle Billboards are printed on waterproof polyester and are fully adhesive. They can be submerged in ice water without damage. The price includes design of your unique label in full color with bleed. A discount will be considered for charitable events or large orders over 10 cases. Save the shipping expense and order your CUSTOM WATER BOTTLES from us locally!